A simple fact of TC vaping is that resistance from anything other than the coil itself can cause incorrect temperatures. In a perfect world, this would never happen. In our imperfect world however, resistance can be introduced by the wiring of the board itself, by the materials used in the build deck, or the mechanical connections between the mod and the topper. Some newer devices have firmware which allows you to compensate for this resistance by setting a “mod resistance” or similar. For those of us unlucky enough to not have one of these devices, the most common method used to tackle this issue is to simply adjust the temperature we vape at for the topper being used at the time.

If, however, you would like your mod to actually produce 420°F vapor when you set it to 420°F, then this tool is for you. By entering three simple values, you can calculate an adjusted TCR value that takes the additional resistance into account. This new TCR allows your mod to correctly map whatever temperature you select to the total resistance generated by the entire vape system. An explanation of how and why this tool works can be found on the about page. In the mean time, if you find any issues, want to report any bugs, or just want to share your thoughts, you can send them here.

Hope you find this useful, and happy vaping!

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Based on the information provided, the correct TCR you should use for you device is:


Assuming you do not fiddle with the locked in cold resistance of XXX, this TCR will allow your mod to calculate the correct resistance map for any temperature you select. Without adjusting the TCR, your mod is currently overestimating needed resistance by XXX ohms per 1°C. With this variance in needed vs expected resistance change, at 250°C/482°F your coil is actually hitting a temperature of XXX°C/XXX°F.

The graph and table below show detailed information about how your mod is calculating resistance readings for set temperatures. They compare what you select as the vape temperature against the temperature your coil is actually hitting. You can adjust the TCR and the locked in resistance readings using the entries below to simulate different scenarios given the coil and static resistance values you entered above. The start, end, and step temperature settings will determine the range and step values of temperature data points in the results.

set to coil | corrected
set to default
set to default
set to default